Cluster (2018)

interactive installation/ graduation project


It has always been in the nature of humanity to improve itself using technology. Now we have reached an age in which technology learns to improve itself. In our quest to control our own development we’ve become more and more like the machines we create, while our technology becomes more human. Who is shaping who? Could our machines ever take over our very need for improvement? Quintus Glerum uses his fascination for robotics and generative animation to shape this need into an autonomous creature: “Cluster”.


Cluster is a robotic lifeform that uses the structure of machine learning to cluster data into an ever expanding neural network. By turning physical data (like a heartbeat or temperature) into movement the machine slowly learns to express tiself. The more people participate, the more complex this machine becomes. Together the public gives life to this primal consciousness.



Cluster has been exhibitet at:

  • GOGBOT 2018: nominated for the Young Blood Awards
  • Nederlands Film Festival 2018: nominated for the student competition
  • Dutch Design Week 2018 at Baltan Laboratories
  • Emerse E-day 2018
  • Den Bosch dataweek 2018
  • Tec Art 2019
  • Night Of The Nerds 2019