The Gossip Chatbots 2020


Can Machines Gossip?

Looking at the history of being human, gossip seems to be the cause of a great turning point in human nature. gossip meant the beginning of storytelling: analyzing information and reinterpreting it to other people. Since December I wanted to learn more about this specific human factor. I want to question gossip as a part of human nature and transfer it as a machinery process. How would machines gossip? What does it say about our connection to technology and what does it say about ‘Being Human’?


My first attempt of creating machinery gossip was by making two chatbots talk about your face. One chatbot analysed random facial features and the other compares the data to everyone who is already registered. This back-and-forth-conversation creates the illusion of an active conversation, bringing the illusion of Gossip.



The GossipChatbots have been exhibited at:


OrbitFest 2019

Impossible Bodies 2020