Just One More (2015)

2D animated short


A short unofficial animated commercial about the fattening snack we all know and love: Oreo’s! The dark 2D animation shows an addict that gulps away the delicious cookies until it becomes his death...



For the first assignment of my second year at St.Joost academy we got the assignment to create a 2D animated commercial.


I decided that this would be the chance to create something disturbing. It would be still become a commercial, but I would make it as cynical and disgusting as possible. I wasn’t going to praise a product, but rather mock it in a way that it would still be humorous.


This is why I decided to make fun of oreo's. I chose this particular product simply because everybody knows them and everybody knows how delicious and bad for your health they are.


To emphasize the dark and griddy tone the whole short is made in black and white.


I made this movie using tvpaint and Adobe Premiere Pro