Social Distortion (2020)

We live in times in which we can only experience each other from a distance, because the risk of getting too close frightens us. We are forced to limit our contact with one another, relying on technology for communication. Technology that often glitches and malfunctions, disrupting our sense of connection. The way we perceive each other is as real as our devices will allow us. When machines fail us, the way we perceive ourselves becomes distorted. What do we fear more: losing connection or getting too close?


‘Social-Distortion’ is an online virtual reality experience in which I wanted to use this form of disconnection to create a web based interactive soundscape. While you interact with the world in search for it’s sounds, you will find that it’s inhabited by several living things. Like our own world, it is dangerous to get too close. The closer you get to them, the more distorted they will become. Physical interaction will cause these creatures to glitch and malfunction up until all connection is lost.


I created this work in collaboration with composer Alan Ahued Naime



Selected work at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2020.


Sounds of Music Festival 2020



Social-Distortion has been exhibitet at:

  • Gaudeamus Musc Week 2020
  • Sign Gallery