Work In Progress (2017)

animated short film


Work In Progress is a short animated movie about a factory employee that is confronted with it's place in the circle of progress.


The development of the movie started out with the question if it was possible to combine human ethics with cold mechanical logic. We use  our machines until they become obsolete. It's only logical that older models get replaced by better newer ones. We humans however don't work like that because we have ethics.


The movie is set in a giant factory where hundreds of employees are working hard creating newer versions of themselves. What they don't know however is that the materials they use to make new employees consists of the remains of older employees. One employee finds out about this and refuses to be a part of this endless circle. However by refusing his duty he refuses his purpose. That leaves him with the question what his purpose really is.


This animation is made with Autodesk Maya, Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Premiere Pro